SZSE Holds the “2020 Northeast Service Week” to Improve the Quality of Listed Companies and Empower Revitalization of the Northeast

Date: 2020-11-17


From November 9 to 13, SZSE, together with the Local Financial Supervision and Administrations of Liaoning (Dalian), Jilin and Heilongjiang and the Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang branches of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), conscientiously implemented the national strategy of revitalizing the northeast through financial services by jointly holding the 2020 Northeast Service Week themed with “Capital Market Empowers Revitalization of the Northeast”, in a bid to improve the quality of listed companies from the source and give better play to the role of the capital market in serving the real economy.


Revitalization of the northeast in a new era is an important part in pursuing coordinated progress in the Five-sphere Integrated Plan and balanced progress in the Four-pronged Comprehensive Strategy. As an important industrial and agricultural base in China, the northeast holds a critical strategic position and its development concerns China’s overall development. The capital market plays a booster’s role in cultivating and strengthening new growth drivers, energizing innovation-driven endogenous power, implementing high-quality development requirements, and building the “dual circulation” development pattern.


SZSE has always been paying high attention to serving revitalization of the northeast and has maintained close cooperation relationship with the three provinces (Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang) in the northeast. In 2018, SZSE and Jilin signed a strategic cooperation agreement and jointly held “Serve Jilin and Go to Jilin” series activities. In 2019, SZSE and CSRC Liaoning Branch and so on held “Investor Service in the Northeast” series activities. In 2020, SZSE held the training session on standard restructuring in Heilongjiang, covering more than 50 enterprises. Currently, 77 companies based in the three provinces in the northeast are listed on SZSE, with total market capitalization of over CNY 650 billion and total equity financing of CNY 248.2 billion, of which financing from issuance of fixed income products is CNY 165.1 billion.


During the Service Week campaign, SZSE focused on the typical characteristics of the economic structure of the three provinces in the northeast and their actual regional development needs. Based on the new tasks and new requirements for the reform of the ChiNext Board and the pilot project of the registration-based IPO system and its regional localized service system, SZSE held series activities including business training, visit & survey, seminar, etc. in those provinces centering on such topics as governance improvement of listed companies, M&A and restructuring, fixed income products, investment and financing matchmaking, investor education and standard development of pre-IPO companies. Besides, SZSE leveraged its advantage in industry technology and deepened cooperation with local governments to assist in forming a standard, streamlined, electronic enterprise coaching and cultivation chain and jointly guard the access to the market.


Next, SZSE will strictly follow the plans and requirements of the CSRC and understand deeply the original aspiration and mission of the reform of the registration-based IPO system. We will earnestly fulfill regulatory responsibilities in the listing promotion phase, and adopt stricter market access restrictions so as to improve the quality of listed companies from the source. We will optimize, improve and promote service concepts and modes, enhance the “Service Week” brand, and do a good job in leveraging the role of the capital market as a hub and its innovation capital formation function. We will facilitate the formation of a group of listed companies that reflect high-quality development requirements, better serve national development strategies and assist in high-quality development of the real economy.