Establishing the Investor-based Philosophy and Promoting the Improvement of Quality and Investment Value of Listed Companies- SZSE Launched the Special Action of “Quality and Return Improvement”

Date: 2024-02-06

At the Central Financial Work Conference, the need to greatly improve the quality of listed companies was highlighted. Recently, at the Executive Meeting of the State Council, the importance of improving the quality and investment value of listed companies was emphasized again. At the national video conference on deployment of visits to listed companies and promotion of high-quality development of listed companies, Vice Premier He Lifeng proposed to increase the support for high-quality listed companies to facilitate the high-quality development of listed companies. Hence, boosting confidence, capital market stability and high-quality economic development.


Listed companies are the cornerstone of the capital market. Improving their quality is the only way to enhance the vitality and resilience of the capital market. On February 1, SZSE held a symposium having the participation of 12 representative SZSE-listed companies and officially launched the special action of “Quality and Return Improvement”. The purpose is to implement the important instructions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the deployments of the 2024 System Work Conference of the CSRC, firmly establish the investor-based philosophy and further improve the quality and investment value of listed companies.


This special action aims to drive the quality improvement of listed companies from four aspects: enhancing the awareness of focusing on primary business, raising the innovation and development ability, improving the quality of information disclosure and strengthening standardized operation. Under the guidance of the investor-based philosophy, this special action focuses on instruct listed companies to heighten the awareness of investor return.


At the symposium, 12 participating companies exchanged and discussed on improving the quality and investment value of listed companies. They shared the practices and experiences in focusing on the steady development of primary business, strengthening internal performance through standardized governance and enhancing the intrinsic value of companies and discussed the ways and methods to actively establish a good image and increase investor return. For example, CATL said that it will continue to increase R & D investment and innovation efforts, uphold the innovation-oriented principle, enhance core competitiveness and return investors with excellent results. BYD proposed that it will firmly establish an investor-based philosophy, enhance the awareness of focusing on primary business, continuously consolidate the leading position of the world’s first new energy vehicle sales, and make full use of dividends and other measures to return investors. INOVANCE said that it will increase the overseas investment layout, enhance the international competitiveness, strengthen the awareness of investor return, and improve the investment value of the company.


The quality of listed companies is the foundation of investment value of the capital market. It is prominently reflected in the return to investors. Good investment value can make listed companies more favored by investors and help them become better and stronger by use of capital market instruments. Next, SZSE will thoroughly implement the guidelines of the Central Financial Work Conference and the Executive Meeting of the State Council. SZSE will, in accordance with the deployments of the CSRC, deeply understand the political and people’s nature of the work of the capital market and the exchange, fully study and analyze the opinions and suggestions of listed companies learned from all approaches, and better play the role of the exchange as a platform and hub. Besides, we will take multiple measures to assist listed companies in becoming better and stronger, vigorously promote the improvement of quality and investment value of listed companies, and support high-quality economic development with high-quality services.