"SZSE · Chuangxianghui" Focuses on New Opportunities in Computing Power Hardware Technology Discussing New Quality Productive Forces in the Field of Computing Power

Date: 2024-04-02

On March 27, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) held the 14th session of the "Chuangxianghui" (Innovation & Sharing Forum) thematic event on the comprehensive development of computing power hardware technology. More than 20 representatives from relevant computing power hardware companies of the Shenzhen market gathered to discuss how the capital market can help drive the development of new quality productive forces in the computing power field and promote high-quality development.


General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that "developing new quality productive forces is an intrinsic requirement and an important focus for promoting high-quality development" and "we must take technological innovation as the lead in industrial innovation, actively cultivate and develop new quality productive forces". The 2024 Government Work Report puts "striving to modernize the industrial system and developing new quality productive forces at a faster pace" as the top priority among the ten key tasks of the government this year. Holding the thematic event is a beneficial exploration by SZSE to earnestly implement the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Through the event, we also aim to deeply understand the connotation and significance of new quality productive forces and empower the accelerated development of new quality productive forces in the capital market.


In recent years, with the development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital twins, the cornerstones of artificial intelligence - algorithm, computing power, and data - have received widespread attention across various sectors. As a representative of new quality productive forces in the digital economy era, computing power integrates information processing capacity, data storage capacity, and network carrying capacity. It has become a new driving force for technological innovation and industrial upgrading. The representatives believed that it is imperative to accelerate breakthroughs in computing power and core hardware technology. Additionally, the capital market plays a significant and prominent role in supporting the development of the computing power industry. The attending guests share their views on industry development from different perspectives and the examples of how companies have grown and expanded using capital market tools. Besides, they had discussions on the existing challenges and common issues. They expressed that in recent years, SZSE has focused on key areas such as advanced manufacturing, digital economy, and green low-carbon initiatives. SZSE has fully leveraged market functions and improved service levels, playing a positive role in cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries. This has facilitated the transformation of industries towards high-end, intelligent, and green development.


Next, SZSE will continue to focus on key sectors, industries, and regions, and organize a series of thematic activities with an attempt to promote interaction, communication, and cooperation among enterprises. The goal is to establish the Chuangxianghui forum as an influential brand for market exchange and actively upgrade market services with distinctive characteristics of the Shenzhen market.