The Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Euronext signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 19 May, 2015 in Shenzhen

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecological Reconditioning Project in Deserts of Alashan
SZSE advocates the philosophy of public welfare and earnestly performed its social responsibility.It promotes educationa...

Education and Social Welfare
SZSE supports public welfare and disaster relief. Since 1993, SZSE has donated nine primary schools in Hope Project.

Promotion of Low-carbon Environmental Protection
SZSE firmly believes that it is every citizen and organization’s responsibility ...


Suzhou Design and Haishun New Pharmac...

Goaland to List on SZSE

Stock Market Holiday Schedule (2016)[2015-12-25]


Shenzhen Stock Exchange Signs MOU with Tel Aviv Stock Exchange[2016-02-02]
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Shenzhen. Mr. Wu Lijun, Chairman of SZSE and Mr. Amnon Neubach, Chairman of TASE attended the signing ceremony. According to the MOU, the two exchanges will share experience in SME and technology financing, cooperate in index-based product development and explore market linkup and product cross-listing.


SZSE Listed Innovative and Growth Enterprises Realize Fast Business Performance Growth in 2015[2016-02-01]
As of January 30, 2016, companies listed on ChiNext board and SME board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (“SZSE”) all disclosed their estimated change in 2015 net profit in the forms of business performance forecast, annual report, listing announcement and so on according to relevant requirements.


Shenzhen Stock Exchange Holds “Shenzhen Corporate Day” Event for Overseas Investors in Hong Kong[2016-01-26]
Shenzhen Stock Exchange (“SZSE”) and Goldman Sachs & Co. jointly organized the second “Shenzhen Corporate Day” event in Hong Kong between January 18 and 19, 2016.



SZSE Component Index
20160205 15:00
 SZSE Component9673.48
 SZSE Composite1750.70
 SZSE SME Price6399.22
 ChiNext Price2096.99
 CES China 1204278.27
Market Overview
Listed Companies1750
Listed Securities3448
Stock Market Value(RMB Bil.)18130.41
Stock Trading Value(RMB Bil.)218.31
Average P/E Ratio40.36
Average Turnover Rate1.67


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SME Board