Shenzhen Stock Exchange signs MOU with The Athens Stock Exchange in April, 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecological Reconditioning Project in Deserts of Alashan
SZSE advocates the philosophy of public welfare and earnestly performed its social responsibility.It promotes educationa...

Education and Social Welfare
SZSE supports public welfare and disaster relief. Since 1993, SZSE has donated nine primary schools in Hope Project.

Promotion of Low-carbon Environmental Protection
SZSE firmly believes that it is every citizen and organization’s responsibility ...


Fenglong to List on the SZSE

Tianyi to List on the SZSE

Implement the Measures for the Administration of Stock Exchanges And Lay a Solid Foundation for Front-line Oversight[2018-04-19]
——Revised Draft of the Articles of Association Of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Reviewed during The 2018 Members’ General Meeting


Uniting Forces and Planning Market Development[2018-04-17]
The 2018 SZSE Members’ General Meeting was held offsite today, with an aim to forge consensus, join forces, and to mobilize attendees to study and implement the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Central Economic Work Conference, and the National Financial Work Conference. The meeting was focused on pushing forward the three major tasks proposed in the financial work conference, and enhancing the CPC’s leadership.


Pool the Strength of Members to Win the Tough Battle in Preventing and Addressing Risks[2018-04-12]
--SZSE 4th Council Convenes the 4th Meeting


The SZSE Accelerates the Implementation of Financial Opening Measures Ensures Safe and Smooth Operation of Shenzhen-Hong Kong S...[2018-04-12]



SZSE Component Index
20180419 15:00
 SZSE Component10598.35
 SZSE Composite1814.64
 SZSE SME Price7183.22
 ChiNext Price1820.28
 CES China 1206610.68
Market Overview
Listed Companies2,109
Listed Securities7,194
Stock Market Value(RMB Bil.)22,928.22
Stock Trading Value(RMB Bil.)287.77
Average P/E Ratio30.76
Average Turnover Rate1.57


Main Board
SME Board