Hanjia Design to List on the SZSE

date: 2018-5-25

Hanjia Design (Stock Code: 300746) will land on the ChiNext board on May 25, 2018.


Hanjia Design is publicly offering 52.6 million shares, including 52.6 million IPO shares offered at 5.62 yuan per share and raising funds of 296 million yuan, and 0 share transferred by the existing shareholders at 0 yuan. The post-public-offering share capital of Hanjia Design is 210.4 million in total. Hanjia Design Group Co., Ltd. principally engages in architectural design, decorative landscape municipal design and EPC general contracting, etc. In 2017, its operating income reached 726 million yuan with the net profit of 60.4853 million yuan.