Accounting and Auditing Seminar Held by SZSE, CSRC Shenzhen and SZICPA[2017-11-16]
SZSE Launching the Investor Services in Western Regions[2017-11-03]
Perfecting the Information Disclosure Supervision Rules System and Continuously Improving the Market...[2017-11-02]
Earnings of Listed Companies in Shenzhen Market Steadily Increase In a Prosperous Multi-layer Capita...[2017-11-02]
SZSE Earnestly Studied and Implement the Spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party...[2017-11-02]
SZSE Launches “Getting Inside the HK Stock Connect Companies” Event[2017-11-02]
CDB Bond Issue of Fixed Price Offer on SZSE, A Trial of Success[2017-11-02]
SZSE Collaborates with TMX Group to Create A Technology and Innovation Companies Service Mechanism[2017-10-18]
The First Non-public Offering of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Convertible Bonds Approved by SZSE[2017-10-16]
SZSE Runs a Required Training Course on Listing,Continuing to Innovate Regulation and Services[2017-10-13]
The First Convertible Bond to be Purchased Via Credit Subscription Was Successfully Issued in Shenzh...[2017-10-09]
SZSE Invites Overseas Investors to Shenzhen Hi-tech Companies[2017-09-27]
Rules for Private Placement of Convertible Bonds by Innovative Companies and Start-ups (for Trial Im...[2017-09-26]
SZSE Continues to Conduct Normalized Roadshows On Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect to Promote...[2017-09-22]
To Resolutely Hold Delisted Parties Liable[2017-09-20]
SZSE, HKEX and CSDC Run Roadshows in Australia and Singapore On Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect[2017-09-14]
SZSE Implemented the Reformation for the Issuance Method of Convertible Bonds and Exchangeable Bonds[2017-09-12]
SZSE and CSDCC Solicited Opinions from the Public on the Amendments to the Rules for Stock Pledged R...[2017-09-12]
Strong Growth Momentum of Blue-chip Companies on the Main Board[2017-09-12]
Rapid growth in revenues and profits of companies listed on SME board in first half of 2017[2017-09-12]
Strategic Emerging Industries Company Listed on the ChiNext Handed in Eye-catching Performance Resul...[2017-09-12]
The Second Training on Trading Compliance Management For Member Firms Held by SZSE and SSE[2017-09-08]
Earnings Growth of Companies Listed in Shenzhen Market Hit 3-year High[2017-09-04]
SZSE Held the 2nd Meeting of the 4th Board of Directors[2017-09-04]
International Seminar on Securities Exchange Front-line Regulation Held by SSE and SZSE[2017-08-30]
Sino-Laos Cross-border Capital Service Mechanism Launching Ceremony and Business Roadshow Communicat...[2017-08-23]
The ‘Flint Fire’ Entrepreneurship Summer Camp for Taiwan Students Successfully Held in Shenzhen[2017-08-23]
SZSE Forging Strategic Cooperation with SPDB To Facilitate a Full Integration between Finance and Te...[2017-08-11]
Individual Investors Actively Subscribed On-line for the First Batch of Local Government Bonds Issue...[2017-08-03]
Ministry of Finance-SZSE Government Bonds Issuing System Officially Launched: Sichuan Local Governme...[2017-08-02]