SZSE Initiates Delisting Procedures Against Zhonghong[2018-10-19]
The Party and Government Delegation of Sichuan Visits SZSE[2018-10-18]
Bring into Play the Advantages of Innovative Capital Connection to Facilitate Sino- Norwegian Cooper...[2018-10-18]
SZSE Signs MOUs with Moscow Exchange and Warsaw Stock Exchange[2018-10-18]
Qinghai Province Issues CNY10.26-billion Municipal Bonds by Tender on SZSE for the First Time[2018-10-18]
The SZSE Spokesperson Answered Questions Regarding the Supervision of the 2018 Interim Report of Com...[2018-10-16]
SZSE Issues Announcement Formats for Shareholding Increase and Repurchase to Support Market Sharehol...[2018-10-16]
Significant Improvement in SZSE-listed Companies’ Environmental Information Disclosure[2018-10-16]
SZSE Successfully Holds the 1st Capital Market Seminar for Countries Along "Belt and Road"[2018-10-11]
FTSE Russell’s 2018 China A-Shares Evaluation Results Press Conference and Seminar was Successfully ...[2018-09-28]
Speech Addressed by Fang Xinghai, Vice Chairman of CSRC, at the FTSE Russell 2018 China A Share Eval...[2018-09-28]
SZSE and SSE Jointly Hold the 2018 International Seminar on First-line Supervision of Stock Exchange...[2018-09-25]
Guarantee the Implementation of Northbound Trading Penetration Mechanism to Strengthen Cross-Border ...[2018-09-10]
SZSE-listed Companies Actively Practice the Corporate Social Responsibility of Poverty Alleviation[2018-09-10]
SZSE and CETC Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Facilitate In-depth Implementation of Milita...[2018-09-04]
Performance of SZSE-listed Companies Continues to Grow Rapidly in the First Half of 2018[2018-09-03]
SZSE Held a Series of Customized Trainings[2018-08-29]
SZSE Orders Zhonghong to Verify and Clarify JDB Group’s Statement[2018-08-29]
SZSE Held a Special Training Course on Integrity and Standardization of SME Board Listed Companies[2018-08-27]
SZSE and Xinjiang Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreements[2018-08-22]
2018 Yunnan Municipal Bonds and the First Special Bond of Higher Learning National-wide Have Success...[2018-08-14]
"Free Trading Suspension", "Arbitrary Trading Suspension" and "Long-term Tr...[2018-08-06]
Consolidate System Foundation and Strengthen Risk Prevention & Control[2018-08-03]
SZSE Releases "IPO Express" App Providing One-stop Service for Companies Seeking to Go Pub...[2018-08-03]
Shenzhen Innovative Engine Index Debuts, Highlighting the Innovative Feature of Shenzhen's Economic ...[2018-08-02]
Shenzhen Corporate Listing Cultivation Meeting Held at SZSE and Shenzhen Municipaility Signed a Stra...[2018-08-01]
Showcase the History of Capital Market and Promote Financial Innovation Culture[2018-08-01]
Firmly Implement the Delisting Decision Spirit and Put the Entity Responsibilities for Delisting in ...[2018-08-01]
Fixed Income Products of SZSE Continue to Innovate to Help Accelerate the Development of Green Indus...[2018-08-01]
Financial Technology Research and Development Center of Securities and Futures Industry (Shenzhen) H...[2018-08-01]