Technology Conference Held in SZSE with A Focus on Financial Technology Innovation

date: 2017-12-6

On 4th December, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (“SZSE”) held its 2017 technology conference with the theme of “Technology to Lead Innovation and Development”. Under the guidance of the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress, the conference on technology opened to SZSE’s members and other market participating organizations. By building the communication platform in the industry, it aims at sharing technical experience within SZSE and market participating organizations, facilitating innovative application of financial technology, promoting risk prevention and resolving ability and the development of information technology.


More than 400 people including Jiang Yang, the vice president of CRSC and responsible persons of relevant departments, relevant market organizations of securities and futures industry and representatives from Internet Technology enterprises attended the conference.


Jiang Yang pointed out at the opening ceremony that financial technology is under rapid innovation, application and promotion with the deepening integration of modern financial techniques and financial industry which brought out an increasingly profound change in the development of financial industry. This pushed the innovation in financial service manners, remolded the financial competitive pattern and encouraged the revolution in financial supervision concepts and methods. Meanwhile, the rapid development of financial technology urged market participants to change behavior more frequently resulting in a more complicated financial trading situation and an increasingly vague financial boundary, which would be a big challenge to financial supervision. As a result, all market participants should increase the sense of urgency of embracing financial technology in the future, stick to the principle of serving real economies and strengthen industry overall planning. By consolidating technical and institutional foundation, we should lay equal stress on innovation progress and risk prevention and elevate the ability to put financial technology in the use of serving capital markets and real economy.


Next, CRSC will further study the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress and National Financial Conference and put the protection of legitimate rights and interests of investors in a more important position while promoting the development of financial technology and application by advancing supervision technology vigorously and risk prevention. CRSC will strongly promote the construction of central supervision information platform and surveillance system, upgrade the level of regulation technology and intelligence and fully reinforce market risk prevention as well as the ability to identify unusual transactions. By discovering irregular behavior in different kinds of securities and futures, CRSC aims to uphold the market order of openness, fairness and impartiality.


The general manager of SZSE Wang Jianjun said that capital market was an innovative market while security exchange was an important field for financial technology application. The deep penetration of financial technology pushes security exchange to develop and innovate continuously in trading patterns, product structure, organizational model and other fields. SZSE is a firm advocator and leader in technical innovation with the gene of innovation running in every cell under its operation. Standing on the historical position of the new era, SZSE will embrace the opportunities brought by technical innovation with enthusiasm, continue to increase technology investment and make full use of SZSE’s advantages in technical resources. On the one hand SZSE will build a financial technology center in the industry; on the other hand it will propel the construction of a new generation of surveillance system, information center and internet platform and other major projects, aiming to left the level of technical supervision and efficiency of the front line regulator. Wang Jianjun called for all members and relevant institutions to pay high attention to the development and application of finance, promote the development and advancement of the industry, and build a capital market technology ecology system towards the new era jointly to provide a better service for real economy and investors and prevent market risk more efficiently.


CRSC’s inspector Ge Yimiao gave a report on the construction of securities and futures industrial internet information security and informationization, introduced the general situation of industrial financial technology research and sorted out seven application scenario in which financial technology could be applied. Ge Yimiao expressed his requirements and wishes for the future work of Securities and Futures Industry Financial Technology Research and Development Center (Shenzhen), proposing to make positive use of the Center and raise the capability of industrial financial technology and regulating technology.


At the same time, the opening ceremony of Securities and Futures Industry Financial Technology Research and Development Center (Shenzhen) was held and 18 consultants were appointed. Securities and Futures Industry Financial Technology Research and Development Center (Shenzhen) is approved by CRSC and ran by SZSE. It is service industry orientated public research platform focusing on financial technology innovation and development industries. With the aim of organizing cooperative industrial strength, it carries out collaborative beforehand research, development, application and promotion targeting major projects concerning industrial financial technology innovation, application and development, propelling the common development and progress in industrial financial technology.