SZSE and CETC Jointly Organized Special Training Activities

date: 2017-12-26

From December 20 to 21, 2017, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as SZSE) and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CETC) held "Approaching the Shenzhen Stock Exchange" Capital Operation 2017 Special Training Activity, with more than 50 trainees from relevant departments of CETC and nearly 30 related subordinated companies (including 8 listed companies) attended the training activities.


The special training activity was the specific measures of SZSE and CETC’s deepening study and implementation of the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress, and implementing the requirements of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises and the in-depth development strategy of military and civilian integration. In order to better serve the enterprises, SZSE has customized the training courses of IPO review, mergers and acquisitions, refinancing, equity incentive and asset securitization so as to facilitate trainees understand the latest policy developments in the capital market, broaden their horizons and fully support CETC’s follow-up deepening reform, enhancing capital operation ability.


According to the relevant principal of the SZSE, the SZSE has organized 5 special training sessions on the capital operation for central enterprises. Starting from customized training for talents, the training activities provided systematic and comprehensive platform services including enterprise cultivation, product research and development, mechanism innovation and research cooperation, and have achieved good results. Next, under the leadership of China Securities Regulatory Commission, the SZSE will make every effort to strengthen the capital market’s function of serving the reform of state-owned enterprises, support supply-side structural reforms, and serve the transformation and upgrading of the real economy.