SZSE Launched a Series of Activities for March 15 Investor Protection Month

date: 2018-3-6

In accordance with the arrangements of China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) for the special program of investor education titled “Be A Rational Investor”, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (“SZSE”) SZSE launched a series of activities for the month of investor protection to greet the upcoming World Consumer Rights Day of March 15.


On the opening ceremony, an officer from the Department of Investor Protection, CSRC pointed out that protection of the legitimate rights and interest of small and medium investors is an essential part of the regulatory work, and is in the interest of the mass public; it is also the aspiration and mission of regulators. Recently, SCRC issued the Management Measures on Securities and Futures Investor Suitability, improved the systems for securities delisting, profit distribution and information disclosure, built hundreds of investor education foundations, and upgraded and optimized the platform for consumer hotline, apart from a series of publicity and education campaigns coupled with a variety of effective activities for investor education and protection. Next, CSRC shall launched a special campaign titled “Be a Rational Investor” to fully infiltrate investor protection in every link of the regulatory work, protect the rights and interest of investors and push forward the stable and health development of the capital market in the long run.


An officer from SZSE expressed that small and medium investors are an important force in the reform and stable development of the capital market, and protection of small and medium investors in consistent with the key value of the regulator work. In recent years, SZSE put small and medium investors at first, actively promoted the interactive and experiential investor education and rational and value investing, constructed a multi-faceted platform for investor services, improved investors’ capacity to protect themselves, and enhanced external protection for investors while exploring effective ways to protect investors. Next, SZSE shall intensify investor risk education, and deal with investor demands by making better use of laws and regulations and information technology and in a more professional manner. SZSE shall give full play to the leading role of the investor education foundations, continue to launched new investor education products which are easy to understand and remember, interesting and of high quality, and improve the investor services platform equipped with six major functions – optimize the communication experience for users of Easy IR (“Hudong Yi”), enhance the electronic proxy solicitation function of the Easy Voting (“Toupiao Yi”), and improve the smart customer service for East Call (“Hujiao Yi”). Besides, SZSE shall also consolidate the mechanism for investor research, analysis and protection and mobilize all forces in the market to participate in investor protection and services.


On the launching ceremony, SZSE officially released the Wechat version of the Easy IR, marking a new level for the mobile and smart investor service platform. SZSE Easy IR is the first online communication website for investors and listed companies in the world created by a stock exchange, with over 900 million visits from investors annually. By now, there have accumulated 2.38 million inquiries from investors on Easy IR, and the response rate on the part of listed companies is 97%. From now on, investors would be able to communicate with listed companies immediately and freely by following the Easy IR on Wechat. The switch from APP to the light Easy IR on Wechat provides one more communication and interaction channel between investors and listed companies, which shall make communication more convenient and effective.


The activities for March 15 investor protection month shall include an investor education and training program jointly organized by SZSE, Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Securities Association of China, and hosted by the Department of Investor Protection, CSRC, an on-line consultation for investor rights protection, the 2017 individual investor investigation report to be released, and such activities to enter the business departments of securities companies, Listed Companies’ Open House Program for Overseas Investors and the Open House Program of Hong Kong Listed Companies Involved in the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.