Samples Adjusted to SZSE Component Index, SME Index, ChiNext Index and SZSE 100 Index

date: 2018-6-12

According to the index compiling rules, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (“SZSE”) and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. have announced regular adjustment made to the sample stocks of SZSE series indexes including SZSE Component Index, SZSE 100 Index, SZSE SME Index and SZSE ChiNext Index. The adjustment will be effective as from the first trading day of July 2018. 


SZSE Component Index will have 48 samples adjusted, with BGI Genomics (300676) and SCC (002916) etc. to be swapped in while *ST CEFC (002018) and Hongtao (002325) to be swapped out. SZSE 100 Index will have 10 samples changed, with Guoxin Micro (002049) and BGI Genomics (300676) replacing CBG (000009) and Sealand Securities (000750) etc. The ChiNext Index will have 5 samples updated, with Shanghai Ganglian (300226) and BGI Meiyapico Inc. (300188) etc. taking the place of JSTI (300284) and Tangel Publishing (300148) etc. The SME Index will have 77 samples shuffled, with Focus Lighting (300708) and Yoke Technology (002409) etc. substituting *ST DEA (002260) and *ST Longlive (002604) etc.


After the adjustment, the total market coverage and free circulation market coverage of SZSE Component Index in the SZSE A-shares will amount to 63% and 64% respectively, furthering their characterization of respective market. In SZSE Component Index, the sample weight ratio of the Main Board, the SME Board and the ChiNext Board is 42:40:18, which is close to the actual board distribution of the multi-tiered SZSE market. The corresponding ratio of those boards in SZSE 100 Index is 52:36:12, leading the dominant enterprises on the three boards.


According to statistics, after the sample adjustment, the sector distribution and the industrial structure of core SZSE indexes will further highlight the representation role and service capacity of SZSE market to the emerging industries and the new economy. In SZSE Component Index, SZSE 100 Index and SME Index, the weight of samples from strategic emerging industries will amount to 56%, 59% and 62% respectively; while that in ChiNext Index jumps to 80%. In terms of sector distribution, information technology remains the largest industry in SZSE Component Index with the proportion of 23%, followed by optional consumption industry whose weight is 17%. The top three sectors of SZSE Component Index are information technology, optional consumption and financial real estate, with their respective weight being 22%, 21% and 15%. Moreover, information technology also dominates the SME Index and the ChiNext Index with its respective weight of 33% and 38%.


For the detailed list of relevant samples adjusted, please visit the official website of SZSE or