LeFu Funds

“Make life enjoyable and fortune accessible to all”.


In December 2010, SZSE launched its brand for listed funds – LeFu. LeFu covers all SZSE-listed fund products including closed-end funds, listed open-end funds (LOFs), exchange traded funds (ETFs) and structured products.


LeFu Fund has four major features: a rich diversity of products, low trading cost, easiness to trade and efficiency in investment turnover. LeFu includes several hundred of funds exposed to equity or debenture, tracking indices and featuring leverage, closed-end and open-end designs. LeFu funds are invested in both domestic and overseas markets. Investors can purchase, trade, and redeem LeFu Fund units through a unified account with SZSE.


By the end of Jan 2016, the SZSE has a total of 477 listed funds with free float cap of USD 24.49 billion


Number of Listed Funds

Market Cap of Listed Funds

Close-end Fund


USD 1.13 billion



USD 6.43 billion



USD 2.93 billion

Structured Funds


USD 14.0 billion

Source: SZSE by the end of January 2016