General Rules
Trading Rules of Shenzhen Stock Exchange[2016-10-10]
Membership Management Rules of Shenzhen Stock Exchange(2015)revised[2015-07-02]
Detailed Implementation Rules of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Block Trades[2004-11-23]
Rules Governing Listing of Stocks on Shenzhen Stock Exchange[2005-03-17]
Interim Measures of SSE on Administration of Warrant Business[2005-09-09]
Guidelines on Protection of Investor Rights and Interests for SME Board[2006-05-22]
SSE Detailed Rules and Regulations on Listing Committee[2006-11-22]
Special Regulations on Suspending and Terminating the Listing of Stocks on SME Board[2007-01-08]
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Social Responsibility Instructions to Listed Companies[2007-06-04]