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In December 2010, SZSE launched its brand for listed funds – LeFu.

LeFu covers all SZSE-listed fund products including closed-end funds, listed open-end funds (LOF), exchange traded funds (ETF) and structured products. LeFu Fund has four major features: a rich diversity of products, low trading cost, easiness to trade and efficiency in investment turnover. LeFu includes more than 100 funds exposed to equity or debenture, tracking indices and featuring leverage, closed-end and open-end designs. LeFu funds are invested in both domestic and overseas markets. Investors can purchase, trade, and redeem LeFu Fund units through a unified account with SZSE.

From the listing of the first closed-end fund Kaiyuan on 7th April, 1998 to the debut of LOF in August 2004, SZSE funds have made one breakthrough after another through years of persist exploration.

March 2006

SZSE100 ETF, SZSE¡¯s first exchange traded fund, was launched. Its annual return rate has been among the best of all funds.

July 2007

UBS SDIC Ruifu Structured Fund was launched. It was also the first leverage fund available on Chinese mainland market.

October 2008

Fullgoal Tianfeng fund, China¡¯s first closed-end fund, was established.

Harvest CSI 300 Index Fund, mainland¡¯s the largest fund, saw its net asset value hitting RMB 40 billion at its peak from RMB800 million at its inception.

LeFu Fund has gained wide recognition for its performance over the years. In 2005, SZSE LOFs won the second prize of Shenzhen Financial Innovation Award. In September 2010, SZSE was granted the Best Listed Fund Exchange in Asia by ETFs Magazine.

LeFu Fund is committed to serving as not only a link between investors, fund management companies and securities firms but a platform to offer high-quality products to investors.