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about us Centering closely on the Belt and Road Initiative, the RMB internationalization and the opening-up of the capital market, SZSE has pushed forward mutual market access and strengthened multilateral participation. It has launched innovative cross-border services and infrastructure to build the resource integration platform with international standard for entrepreneurship and innovation all over the world (V-Next). In keeping with the trend of globalization of innovative resource allocation, SZSE has established the international community for entrepreneurship and innovative capital with more profound and comprehensive products and services. Additionally, SZSE has been promoting the alignment of its listing rules, information disclosure system with international practice, and facilitating the inclusion of SZSE indices in international benchmark index series to consequently enhance its global influence.


  • 2021/07/22 14:00-2021/07/22 17:30
    Time:2021.07.22 14:00-17:30
    • Orthopaedic digital diagnosis and treatment system, orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment machine
    • GI big data center, digital infrastructure solution provider
    • Digital health platform for early detection
    • Rehabilitation aid exoskeleton robot
    • International innovative pharmaceutical company focusing on respiratory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases
    • Public space cleaning robot
  • 2021/07/07 14:00-2021/07/07 18:00
    Time:2021.07.07 14:00-18:00
    • Flexible electrochromic films and devices
    • Series of polymer surgery products with hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and anti-scar effects
    • A new neuroleptic
    • iNSC-DA for Parkinson's disease
    • Development of dietary fortified chocolate for individuals and groups of consumers prone to folic acid circulation disorders
    • The production of waste as fertilizer and harmless application in agriculture
    • KEYOU third-generation semiconductor project
    • Use modern technology to harden and shape the coating
    • High radiation resistance pigment production technology
    • Autonomous navigation
    • BeiDou navigation agricultural machinery automatic driving system
    • Use "smart-sensitive home" project technology to develop IoT and AI series products、
    • Technology to manufacture "smart" mineral nanomaterials
  • 2021/06/30 15:00-2021/06/30 17:00

    2021 Swisstech Pitchinar(回看活动录像,请点击登录  http://www.chinahtz.com/index.do 

    Time:2021.06.30 15:00-17:00
    • AI interactive technology to innovate user experience project
    • Product authenticity and transparency ecosystem
    • Sustainable agriculture technology
    • In-depth analysis of the global CPG market
    • Indoor uav tailored for confined space
    • Biometrics to protect identity and privacy
    • AR standards for corporate users
    • Electrodes for wearable biometric devices
    • Digital solutions for raw material trading
    • Use technology to break through space restrictions and unlock new ways of social and entertainment
    • Product and packaging interconnection platform
    • Automatic industrial crystal  quality testing
    • Intelligent skiing system
    • Revolutionize the air travel experience
    • New energy standard for green travel
  • 2021/06/17 15:00-2021/06/17 17:40
    Time:2021.06.17 15:00-17:40
    • Easy to disassemble and assemble DIY custom furniture
    • An architecture center dedicated to helping architects develop and learn
    • A platform that provides more convenient and affordable delivery service for e-commerce
    • The supplier of intelligent tracking and alarm equipment