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It is themed with “Effectively advancing the capital market reform guided by the Constitution spirit” and is designed to promote the Constitution spirit, uphold the Constitution authority, disseminate Constitution-related knowledge, enhance Constitution awareness, encourage participants in the capital market to respect, learn about, observe and apply laws, thus laying a law-based governance foundation for the reform and development of the capital market. SZSE, together with People’s Daily Satire and Humor, held the Seminar on Investor Education Innovative Development themed by “Culture · Communication · Protection”. The relevant responsible person of SZSE noted that after the issuance of business rules and guidelines regarding stock options, SZSE will officially launch the granting of trading authority to option operators, account opening of settlement participants and investors and other work, and release the market maker list. Option operators are expected to continue the preparation of relevant work, organize investors to open accounts in a law-based and orderly way, participate in the tests of the whole network, and actively conduct investor education and training.
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