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According to the Notice on Market Holidays and Closing Arrangements for Some Holidays and Festivals in 2020 issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the relevant market closing arrangements for some holidays and festivals in 2020 are as follows. In 2019, following the overall arrangement of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) to deepen the reform of the capital market on all sides, SZSE actively implemented the working requirements of “the Four Awes (stand in awe of the market, rule of law, professionalism and risks) and one joint force (The capital market’s development needs all the efforts made by all sides)”, furthered the market-oriented reform of M&A and reorganization, strengthened the “whole-chain” regulation of M&A and reorganization, and intensified services to listed companies in achieving high-quality development. SZSE also helped give play to the functions of market platforms and improve resource allocation efficiency, and assisted in the building of a standard, transparent, open, dynamic, resilient capital market. SZSE held the Symposium on ETF Market Development in 2020, focusing on the full implementation of the guiding principles of the Central Economic Work Conference and the overall plans on sweeping reforms of the capital market by CSRC. At the Symposium, SZSE reviewed and summarized the development of the SZSE ETF market in 2019 and planned for advancing key tasks for 2020 to further promote the sound development of the ETF market and better serve the high-quality development of the economy.
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