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Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) is committed to building a fund market that providing a one-stop asset allocation platform. Based on the advantages and characteristics of Shenzhen market, SZSE introduces flagship index and distinguished index products from major global markets by fully taking advantages of ETF and LOF dual platforms. Now the product system of SZSE has covered various target products both from major domestic and oversea markets. Moreover, SZSE actively carries out unique market promotion activities such as “ETF Lectures”. SZSE is aimed to build a platform with innovative market characteristics where investors can carry out one-stop global asset allocation and wealth management.


SZSE has hundreds of listed funds investing in domestic and overseas assets including stock, bond, commodity, money market and so on, charactering in rich diversity of products, low trading cost, convenience of transaction and efficiency in investment turnover. Investors can purchase, trade and redeem fund units through a unified account with SZSE. SZSE is committed to serving as a link between investors, fund management companies and securities firms, a platform of offering high-quality products to investors and an important channel for investors to invest in funds.


Reviewing the development of the SZSE’s ETF market, from the listing of the first closed-end fund Kaiyuan on 7th April, 1998 to the debut of a new fund variety LOF independently developed by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2004, SZSE Funds have made one breakthrough after another through years of persist exploration.

April 2006

SZSE100 ETF, SZSE’s first exchange traded fund, was launched. Its annual return rate has been among the best of all funds for many years.

December 2008

Fullgoal Tianfeng, the first closed-end bond fund, was listed, opening up new areas for closed-end funds.

May 2012

Harvest CSI 300 Index Fund, SZSE’s first cross market ETF, was listed, realizing the interconnection between SZSE and SSE.

October 2012

China AMC HSI ETF, SZSE’s first cross-border ETF, was launched, expanding the portfolio of ETF investment overseas.

August 2013

Harvest Mid-term Gov Bond ETF, SZSE’s first bond ETF, was listed, which realized the coverage of fixed income products by the SZSE ETF.

December 2013

EasyFonda Gold ETF, SZSE’s first gold ETF, was listed, filling the gap of the listed fund in the commodity spot market.

October 2014

E funds Money Market and CMF Express, SZSE’s first batch of transactional money market ETFs, were listed, providing investors with convenient and efficient cash management products.

August 2015

UBS Silver Fund LOF, SZSE’s first commodity futures fund, was listed, achieving a zero breakthrough of the public fund in the commodity futures market.

September 2015

Penghua Qianhai, SZSE’s first REITS fund, was listed, which pioneered the public collection of REITS products.

April to December 2016

The listing of US series funds including FSG US Consumer, E Fund S&P 500, S&P Healthcare, S&P Biotech and S&P IT offered more choices for investors to US markets.

November 2017

Investing in oversea REITs market, the listing of China Southern Dow Jones US REIT LOF provided investors a more diversified investment tool of asset allocation.

November 2019

Penghua 5-year Local Government Bond ETF, the first local government bond ETF, was listed, achieving a breakthrough of local government bond ETF.

December 2019

The first commodity futures ETF of Huaxia Soybean Meal ETF and Dacheng Base Metal ETF were listed, opening up ETFs new investment field.

By the end of Dec 2019, SZSE totally has 530 listed funds with free float cap of USD 27.70billion

Number of Listed Funds

Market Cap of Listed Funds

Close-end Fund


USD 0.13 billion



USD 16.58 billion



USD 5.17 billion

Structured Funds


USD 5.82 billion