• 2019/12/13 09:00-2019/12/13 12:00
    Time:2019.12.13 09:00-12:00
    • A German new generation of wide bandgap semiconductor manufacturing technology
    • A Swiss collision-resistant drones for complex environments
    • An Israeli interior navigation solution based on GPS
    • A 3D Airborne imaging system from Hong Kong, China
    • A Malaysian ground deformation monitoring system based on radar system
    • Five-dimensional and high-speed living cell imaging system from Hong Kong, China
    • A Russian convenient intelligent hardware device for personal health monitoring
    • An Israeli high performance machine vision solutions
    • A Russian new generation of video codec technology
    • A South Korean immersive oral English practice system based on VR and machine learning
    • A German mobile game data annotation application for finance
    • A Russian mental health and brain health systems based on eeg analysis
    • A German high precision parking space prediction system based on artificial intelligence
    • A South Korean smart oral disease self-diagnosis mobile application
    • An American AI-based architecture data recognition and analysis technology
    • A Swiss new treatments for drug-resistant (AMR) infections
  • 2019/11/12 08:30-2019/11/13 17:00
    Time:2019.11.12-2019.11.13 08:30-17:00
    • An Israeli wearable gym project
    • An Israeli intelligent medical project
    • An Israeli software and hardware development project
    • A Finnish marine Tesla project
    • A Finnish drama education project
    • A Finnish outbound tourism project
    • An Russian open hardware and software robot education project
    • An Russian VR Intelligence education project
    • An Russian passenger "full control system"
    • An Russian collaborative robotics industry solution and artificial intelligence software
    • An Russian integrated cross-border trade and settlement system based on the euro
    • An Russian artificial intelligence software
    • An Russian robot process automation technology
    • An Russian enterprise network risk assessment software
    • An Russian mechanical wear nanometer repair material
    • An Russian medical interaction platform
    • A German machine vision deep learning project
    • A German architecture and city’s green ecosystem
    • A German future urban planning project
    • A German biological carbon product
    • A British Cambridge smart materials project
    • A British Cambridge building board glue
    • A British science and technology park project
    • A British sodium battery project
  • 2019/06/26 09:00-2019/06/26 14:30
    Time:2019.06.26 09:00-14:30
    • Israeli hearing imparied solution
    • Israeli cardiac disease diagnosis and detection technology
    • Isreali platform for monitoring injectable drugs
    • Israeli diaper sensing product
    • Israeli wearable medical devices with embedded textile sensor
    • Israeli digital therapy for relaxation and stress-related illness
    • Israeli absorbable capsule system
    • Israeli technique for predicting skin diseases in infants
    • Israeli wrist worn brain device interface
  • 2019/03/27 09:00-2019/03/27 17:00
    Time:2019.03.27 09:00-17:00
    • A Israeli surgical equipment for refractive surgery
    • A Israeli compression equipment after catheterization
    • A Israeli smart medical wearable product system
    • A Israeli biological sample scanning system
    • A Israeli smartphone technology for people with disabilities
    • A Israeli surgical techniques for prostatic hypertrophy
    • A Israeli glaucoma mobile drainage device
    • A Israeli diabetic complication osteomyelitis treatment
    • A Israeli renal perfusion detector
    • A Israeli minimally invasive transcatheter therapy for perforated eardrums
  • 2018/10/22 14:00-2018/10/22 17:00
    Time:2018.10.22 14:00-17:00
    • A Israeli algorithm for monitoring mechanical process, predicting and diagnosing faults
    • A Israeli of discovering peptides through AI
    • A Israeli IOT enterprise
    • A Israeli printing ink manufacturer of electronic product
    • A Israeli printing industry big data, artificial intelligence
    • A Israeli 3D recognition technology
    • A Israeli innovative noise reduction product
    • A Israeli 4D chip imaging radar sensor
  • 2018/10/18 14:00-2018/10/18 18:00
    Time:2018.10.18 14:00-18:00
    • Green
    • Sky
    • Motion
    • Care
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    • Nam
    • Cone
    • Catric
    • PEG
    • GS
    • FSight
    • GER
    • Ron
    • Web
    • Tan
    • Crembo
    • iCar
    • iSensor
    • Nom
    • Tark
    • Cell
    • Tob
    • Observe
    • Mina
    • Rate
    • iAmera
    • Bono
    • Tal
    • Brain
    • HIGG
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