SZSE's Action Plan under the Belt and Road Initiative

  Cross-border Capital ServicesIn response to cross-border investment and financing needs of enterprises, SZSE has been promoting broad cooperation with overseas capital markets, products and information. Based on the online community and offline network, SZSE has created global entrepreneurship and innovation service alliance to provide one-stop services for cross-border capital formation of enterprises and facilitate precise matchmaking of listed companies with global industrial and value chains.

  Cross-border IT Services. SZSE has been insisted on independent research and development. It has created a scientific, safe and efficient technology system that supports multiple levels, products and markets. Supporting the capacity building of exchanges along the “Belt and Road”, SZSE actively promotes its technical support and IT services system to all over the world.

  Cross-border Product Connectivity. Closely serving market needs, SZSE has vigorously conducted research on developing cross-border product series and connectivity, diversifying portfolios of domestic investors and creating environment for overseas investors to invest in products of Shenzhen market so as to enhance their asset allocation in Shenzhen market. SZSE also works on building Panda Bond market to allow for fundraising by foreign entities in Shenzhen market.