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about us Centering closely on the Belt and Road Initiative, the RMB internationalization and the opening-up of the capital market, SZSE has pushed forward mutual market access and strengthened multilateral participation. It has launched innovative cross-border services and infrastructure to build the resource integration platform with international standard for entrepreneurship and innovation all over the world (V-Next). In keeping with the trend of globalization of innovative resource allocation, SZSE has established the international community for entrepreneurship and innovative capital with more profound and comprehensive products and services. Additionally, SZSE has been promoting the alignment of its listing rules, information disclosure system with international practice, and facilitating the inclusion of SZSE indices in international benchmark index series to consequently enhance its global influence.


  • 2021/05/19 16:00-2021/05/19 18:00

    2021 CKGSB China Start
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    Time:2021.05.19 16:00-18:00
    • Global network for startup acceleration projects
    • E-commerce stores and digital marketing platforms
    • Female care products
    • A large social network that gathers people from various industries, start-ups, large enterprises, banks, financing institutions, etc
    • Machine intelligence support brands
    • Intelligent training and sports rehabilitation system for the sports market
    • Omni-channel platform for code-less chatbots
  • 2021/05/18 02:00-2021/05/18 03:00
    Time:2021.05.18 02:00-03:00(UK Time)
    • Real estate technology platform (Prop-Tech)
    • SaaS API platform for insurance industry
    • Social AI training platform
    • Human resource SaaS platform
  • 2021/04/22 15:00-2021/04/22 16:35
    Time:2021.04.22 15:00-16:35
    • A one-stop solution for plant protection biotechnology
    • Lower cost and safer AI and sensors to increase production, reduce waste
    • Conversion of corn stalks into sustainable materials
    • Solutions for food, feed and chemical industries
    • New natural flavors
    • Provide safety and autonomy solutions for UAV manufacturers
    • On-site food security and quality certification
  • 2021/3/23 15:00-2021/3/24 17:05
    Time:2021.3.23-2021.3.24 15:00-17:05
    • Calibration device for hip replacement
    • Utilizing artificial intelligence and spatial computing to facilitate preoperative surgical planning and visualization
    • A smartphone app that instantly diagnoses and manages respiratory diseases
    • A health platform for patients, care providers and researchers
    • AI facial analysis technology
    • Design, development and manufacture of optical and metering systems and aerospace, defense and industrial subsystems
    • Using artificial intelligence to provide a clinical decision support system based on standard clinical images
    • Nonlinear vibration analysis services and software for simulation