Data Services

  1. Market Data Service


SSIC is exclusively authorized to manage and distribute securities information of SZSE. SSIC provides both SZSE Level-1 and Level-2 Market Data Services for both domestic and oversea clients.

SZSE Level-1 Market Data

Level 1 Market Data comprise of security code, short name, high/low, open/close, last traded price, 5 best bid/ask prices, transaction volume, transaction value and etc.

a. Real-time Data:

Market Information on real time basis:

We provide market information of all securities listed on SZSE and other related information edited and collected by the exchange on real-time basis.

b. Delayed Data:

Market Information is made available to clients on the basis of 15-minute delay.

c. End-of-day Data:

Security code, short name, and closing price, high/low, outstanding share capital of A&B share and indices of the Exchange are provided at the end of the trading day.

SZSE Level-2 Market Data

In terms of data content, Level-2 Market Data not only include the Level-1 Market Data contents, but also provide the 10 level order depth (prices and share volume of orders in the 10 bid/ask queues), Tick by tick trading and ordering information plus the data contents of Spot Version. In terms of interface specification, Level-2 Market Data apply the FAST protocol based on the FIX standard. Moreover, Level-2 data support re-transmission.


 2. Information Services


SSIC provides both English and Chinese Information services. Our information services include corporate actions, equity fundamentals, bonds, funds, warrants, other financial data services and so on. We can deliver data in both standard and customized formats.

Company Data Service Coverage:

Corporate Profile:

Company data sections include the following information:

Address - registered office, head office, mailing address;

 Business - company's primary activities, including Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) and China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) codes;

 History elements - ownership, founding date, date of incorporation, number of employees, name changes, acquisitions, mergers, joint venture information and detailed shareholders information.

Corporate Governance:

 Management - directors, chairman, vice chairman, etc.;

 Subsidiaries, associated and affiliated companies - lists active companies in which the parent company holds a percentage of ownership.

Corporate Finance:

 Property - detailed information on a company's property holdings;

 Debt - financing arrangements, amounts outstanding, interest rate, due date;

 Financial statements - includes income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements.


Excel, CSV/TXT, Database


Corporate Actions Service Coverage:

Share Issuance:

Profit Distribution



Annual Dividend

Risk alert

IPO Placement

Dividend Implementation

Suspension risk

Additional Offering

Dividend change


Rights Issue

Interim Dividend


Share Listing:

Shareholder Meeting:


IPO share listing



Additional share listing

AGM resolution

ST removal

Staff share listing

AGM change


Rights share listing




EGM resolution


Trading suspension

EGM change


Trading resumption



Resumption progress

SRM Resolution


Convertible bond listing

SRM Change


Periodic Report

Company Information Change:


Annual report

Name change

Delisting risk warning

Annual report postponed

Domicile change

*ST removal

Interim report

Contact Information change


Quarterly report

Abbreviation change


Interim report postponed

Code change


Tender offer

Performance Forecast:


Merge & Acquisition

Profit forecast

Corporate bonds


Loss forecast

Convertible bonds



Convertible bond issuance



Debt-to-equity conversion



Convertible bond interest












T-bond INT



T-bond maturity



Subordinated bond