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Trading Calendar

Stock Market Holiday Schedule (2024)


1. New Year: The market will close on January 1st (Monday) and resume trading on January 2nd (Tuesday).


2. Spring Festival: The market will close from February 9th (Friday) to February 16th (Friday), and resume trading on February 19th (Monday).


3. Qingming Festival: The market will close on April 4th (Thursday) and April 5th (Friday) and resume trading on April 8th (Monday).


4. Labour Day: The market will close from May 1st (Wednesday) to May 3rd (Friday) and resume trading on May 6th (Monday).


5. Dragon Boat Festival: The market will close June 10th (Monday) and resume trading on June 11th (Tuesday).


6. Mid-Autumn Festival: The market will close on September 16th (Monday) and September 17th (Tuesday) and resume trading on September 18th (Wednesday).


7. National Day: The market will close from October 1st (Tuesday) to October 7th  (Monday) and resume trading on October 8th (Tuesday).


* The market will close on weekends.

* For clearing and settlement arrangement, please refer to the notice of the China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd.