• 2020/11/26 13:30-2020/11/26 16:00
    Time:2020.11.26 13:30-16:00
    • Video content realization engine
    • Personalized direct booking, smart ride-hailing market application software
    • Fashion clothing brand
    • Online shopping platform
    • Investment holding company
    • Customized picture books and audio picture books for children
    • New art form "light show" products
    • Organic brands for men
    • Realize a global private transport mobile platform
  • 2019/11/06 13:30-2019/11/06 17:30
    Time:2019.11.06 13:30-17:30
    • Energy-saving intelligent light and heat adaptive dimming film / glass
    • Using natural yeast to produce natural carotenoids
    • Interactive high transparent holographic display film and system
    • Gel instant drinking water purification technology
    • Intelligent Robot and Automation Technology
    • Data-driven crowd behavior modeling technology and its application
    • Non-ammonia new renewable extract: used for positive osmosis water removal and preconcentration
    • Graphene-based electric energy storage project
    • DiONE City Traffic Light Smart Control System
    • Quantitative risk sustainability assessment system research
    • Kitchen waste energy, no solid storage, rapid, integrated processing system
    • Winter warm summer liquid - liquid phase change intelligent form material