• 2021/04/22 15:00-2021/04/22 16:35
    Time:2021.04.22 15:00-16:35
    • A one-stop solution for plant protection biotechnology
    • Lower cost and safer AI and sensors to increase production, reduce waste
    • Conversion of corn stalks into sustainable materials
    • Solutions for food, feed and chemical industries
    • New natural flavors
    • Provide safety and autonomy solutions for UAV manufacturers
    • On-site food security and quality certification
  • 2019.9.14-9.15 15:00-16:30

    2020 Venture Leaders(回看活动录像,请点击登录  http://www.chinahtz.com/index.do 

    Time:2019.9.14-9.15 15:00-16:30
    • Replacing chemical products with biological pesticides project
    • Manure treatment project
    • Air pollution control using nanotechnology
    • Technology that transforms the diagnostic market
    • Establishing a credible global food supply chain
    • Tailored cancer therapies
    • Online B2B market for active pharmaceutical ingredients
    • Facial and body remodeling techniques
    • Affordable and functional brain imaging
    • Automatic quality testing instruments for industrial crystals
  • 2020/06/10 16:00-2020/06/10 17:30

    Swisstech Pitchinar(回看活动录像,请点击登录  http://www.chinahtz.com/index.do 

    Time:2020.06.10 16:00-17:30
    • A Swiss high-throughput biomedical image analysis
    • A Swiss Battery tech knowledge superpositioning to accelerate research on Li-ion batteries 
    • A Swiss Emotion-powered human-like 3D avatar rendered in real-time using AI 
    • A Swiss Authenticity and transparency through Blockchain-Technology 
    • A Swiss Remote eye tracking software for laptops, smartphones, cars and more
    • A Swiss Leading B2B digital authentication solutions provider 
    • A Swiss  Mixed Reality Standard for Enterprise 
    • A Swiss Safety Belt for Pedestrians
    • A Swiss Multilingual Video Conferencing and Live Events for Businesses
    • A Swiss Wearable technology turning human body heat into usable electricity 
    • A Swiss AI solutions enabling analysis and mitigation of clinical trial risks 
    • A Swiss quality control instrument for semiconductor 
    • A Swiss empowering mobile robots to move into crowded and fast-changing spaces   
    • A Swiss open source relational database that secures your date by default 
    • A Swiss energy standard for zero-carbon mobility 
    • A Swiss hight teach terahertz laser technologies for security and quality control
    • A Swiss using drones for automated date acquisition in all environments
    • A Swiss radically-unprecedented security and privacy for your private life, e-health and e-banking 
    • A Swiss secure and intelligent human-machine interface 
    • A Swiss revolutionizing work at height
  • 2019/12/13 09:00-2019/12/13 12:00
    Time:2019.12.13 09:00-12:00
    • A German new generation of wide bandgap semiconductor manufacturing technology
    • A Swiss collision-resistant drones for complex environments
    • An Israeli interior navigation solution based on GPS
    • A 3D Airborne imaging system from Hong Kong, China
    • A Malaysian ground deformation monitoring system based on radar system
    • Five-dimensional and high-speed living cell imaging system from Hong Kong, China
    • A Russian convenient intelligent hardware device for personal health monitoring
    • An Israeli high performance machine vision solutions
    • A Russian new generation of video codec technology
    • A South Korean immersive oral English practice system based on VR and machine learning
    • A German mobile game data annotation application for finance
    • A Russian mental health and brain health systems based on eeg analysis
    • A German high precision parking space prediction system based on artificial intelligence
    • A South Korean smart oral disease self-diagnosis mobile application
    • An American AI-based architecture data recognition and analysis technology
    • A Swiss new treatments for drug-resistant (AMR) infections
  • 2019/06/26 14:00-2019/06/26 17:30
    Time:2019.06.26 14:00-17:30
    • A mobile office technology company
    • A coronary heart disease medical service company
    • A drone project
    • A architecture AI Project
    • A wearables company
    • A company of Internet of things
    • A treatment of lymphoma project
    • A veterinary project
    • An interactive sheet music 
    • A company of contactless handling for delicate components
  • 2019/03/21 14:00-2019/03/21 17:00
    Time:2019.03.21 14:00-17:00
    • An American blood test system
    • An American ultraviolet vein catheter disinfection equipment
    • An American skin imaging and diagnostics enterprise
    • An American real-time AI molecular imaging platform
    • A Swiss nanotechnology for sepsis and allergies
    • An American automatic pathogen detection system based on gene analyzer
    • An American gene sequencing service cloud platform
  • 2018/12/17 13:30-2018/12/17 16:00

    Pingan Cloud Accelerator 2nd Cohort Pitching Event

    (回看活动录像,请点击登录  http://www.chinahtz.com/index.do 

    Time:2018.12.17 13:30-16:00
    • A UK SaaS-based AI software platform
    • A German Global provider of major disease and health insurance
    • An American AI software development company
    • A Singaporean medical AI analysis data company
    • A Danish hand disinfection tracking monitoring system project
    • A remote urine routine blood routine and other medical detection technology company
    • A Hong Kong's low-cost FPGA chip array image and video processing acceleration solutions projecy
    • An Indian corporate security vulnerabilities inspection and advisory services company
    • An Indian serverless applications on commercial clouds company
    • A VR solution for educational institutions project
    • An intelligent building operating system
    • A Swiss real estate and smart city industry development and application company
    • An internet of vehicles data enterprise
    • An American AI technology enterprise
    • An American online game company
  • 2018/10/30 9:00-2018/10/30 16:00
    Time:2018.10.30 9:00-16:00
    • A Swiss protein detection enterprise
    • A Swiss cell technology enterprise
    • A Swiss medical equipment enterprise
    • A Swiss biotechnology enterprise
    • A German cell technology enterprise
    • A German medical equipment enterprise
    • A German organ preservation enterprise
    • A German respiratory diagnostic instrument enterprise
    • A German cancer chemotherapy enterprise
    • A German ward facility enterprise
    • A German real-time control training enterprise
    • A German software technology enterprise
  • 2018/10/23 14:30-2018/10/23 18:10
    Time:2018.10.23 14:30-18:10
    • A Swiss environmental intelligent platform
    • A Swiss surgical disinfection equipment
    • A Swiss non-surgical technique
    • A Swiss heat recovery shower system
    • A Swiss PIC photogeneration technique
    • A Swiss network security technique
  • 2018/09/13 14:00-2018/09/13 17:30
    Time:2018.09.13 14:00-17:30
    • Nomoko 
    • Topadur Pharma
    • SimplicityBio
    • RetinAI Medical AG
    • InterAx Biotech AG
    • GRZ Technologies
    • Foldaway Haptics
    • Fixposition AG
    • DistalMotion
    • Cellestia Biotech AG