• 2019/12/13 09:00-2019/12/13 12:00
    Time:2019.12.13 09:00-12:00
    • A German new generation of wide bandgap semiconductor manufacturing technology
    • A Swiss collision-resistant drones for complex environments
    • An Israeli interior navigation solution based on GPS
    • A 3D Airborne imaging system from Hong Kong, China
    • A Malaysian ground deformation monitoring system based on radar system
    • Five-dimensional and high-speed living cell imaging system from Hong Kong, China
    • A Russian convenient intelligent hardware device for personal health monitoring
    • An Israeli high performance machine vision solutions
    • A Russian new generation of video codec technology
    • A South Korean immersive oral English practice system based on VR and machine learning
    • A German mobile game data annotation application for finance
    • A Russian mental health and brain health systems based on eeg analysis
    • A German high precision parking space prediction system based on artificial intelligence
    • A South Korean smart oral disease self-diagnosis mobile application
    • An American AI-based architecture data recognition and analysis technology
    • A Swiss new treatments for drug-resistant (AMR) infections
  • 2019/05/13 14:00-2019/05/13 17:00
    Time:2019.05.13 14:00-17:00
    • Finnish privacy and data protection company
    • Swedish streaming service platform
    • Finnish retail tech company
    • Finnish elderly care company
    • Swedish automation platform for financial processing
    • Finnish AI sport service provider
    • Finnish B2B stadium company
    • Finnish marketplace platform for professional training classes
    • Finnish designer and fabless manufacturer on AR optics and nanophotonics
    • Finnish biometric sneaker company
    • Finnish fintech innovation company on consumer finance
    • Finnish biotech company on chronic diseases
  • 2018/11/16 09:00-2018/11/16 11:30
    Time:2018.11.16 09:00-11:30
    • A Swedish IoT technology and service provider
    • A Nordic indoor air quality monitoring project
    • A Nordic dual camera depth calibration equipment project
    • A Nordic IoT project
    • A Swedish semiconductor project